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Welcome from Barbara and Ron Darby

We live in Kent with our seven Abyssinians, our Ocicat and a number of other assorted creatures!
We saw our first Abys at the National in 1963 while living in our flat in Earls Court and working for British European Airways. When we bought our first home in Kent in 1965 top of our "want" list was an Aby! Our first queen was Broughton Gipsy Queen (Ch. Taishun Leo x Icletwee's Nefra) which we bought from Phyllis Hughes in 1967. Her first litter was born in 1968 from Pam Evely's Tranby Red Tutankhamen and included a red (sorrel), although her pedigree appeared to be five generations of usuals! She was later mated to Fairlie Mehesso, one of the first blue Abys (also owned by Pam Evely), which also produced sorrel kittens (no blues though) but her favourite stud was Mavis Quinton's Ch. Linquenda Giovanni, a mating which only produced usuals. One of our early successes was at the National in 1971 when Silversmoke Kandy won Best of Breed as a kitten when there were thirty seven Abys entered! Needless to say we kept Kandy and later one of Gip's penultimate litter, Silversmoke Queenie. We later took a break from breeding cats to raise our own family but have always kept Abys.

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Our Boy


Grand Champion Silversmoke Bill Davison (Billy) (sorrel)

Aby Girl

Grand Champion
Silversmoke Miracle (Cully) (usual)

Neuter Aby Girls

 UK & Imperial Grand Champion Silversmoke Spindrift (Lucy) (blue)

UK Grand Champion and Premier Agapae Macaria (Maxi) (blue)

Neuter Aby Boy

Our Neuter Ocicat Girl

Imperial Grand Champion and Grand Premier Thickthorn Meadowsaffron (Saffi) (chocolate)


Aby kittens



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